Arshi ff leap

Thanx a tonnzz appy fr letting me read dis blog. Dis story is 1 close 2 my heart n i really din't wnt 2 miss anypart of dis stry. Thnx agn n luv u:. Great upate They have there baby but now they have to take care of him Precap sounds complicated.

So, finally Kushav is here. I agree with your decision. And, i m curious to know how the story enfolds. What happens to there relationwill it be the same or not.

Really eager now. Continue soon!! You always choose interesting aspects of life and create ur work. Continue your writings and FFs always.!! I am eager to see how their friendship changes into possessiveness with a new entry.

Oh my god! I loved it soo much Appy. I am so loving the story. I had a huge grin while reading every chapter. Please Update soon :. Where's the update, yaar? Busy ho? But it was interesting!!! And now she is pregnant and from the precap, it means she did not have a difficult pregnancy and there is a new addition to the family! You said you wont end it any time soon. Please stick to it!! Dont make a joke out of yourself!! If you cant keep the promise then dont make it. If you do let us know why you cant keep it We do understand you know!!Back on popular demand Time to relive the love story of Khushi and Arnav!

I am searching for an os or TS not sure where arnav is younger than khushi Khushi is ill. She had an accident and can't walk properly. Some problem with her knee.

Arnav was bad at first then Kushi meet accident n wwnt missing then after sometime arnav found her in a restaurant working as a cook. I am thinking about collecting index Nd posting again. Don't know whether I can get time with my 7 months baby or not. Just hoping for the time. Will you guys okayif i post with big gaps?

I dont know how many of you are still with this page. I'm here to say that Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or phone Password Forgotten account? Log In. Forgotten account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Anju K Rajan.

Someone tell me in the story arnav is film actor.Post a Comment. Wednesday, 27 April chapter 2. It has been quite a few hours after incident everyone was angry with arnav but not coz he gave this pain of contract marriage to khushi but coz he had mocked a sacred relation of marriage.

When shyam came to know of it he poisoned everyone again he was even trying to diminish arnav's postion and other house members trust on arnav he was working on increasing everyone's anger on him. And NK was a silent spectator of all this he knew and understood what shayam was doing but he thought that somewhere this is what arnav and others deserve for doing bad to khushi and believing an evil like shayam. Here everyone went to there rooms and arnav was also in his room all alone crying in his room still tightly clutching the mangalsutr and remembering each and every moment of his life spent with khushi their first meet ,their good times,their bad times.

ncofl… never on a new year: chapter 1

I never thought khushi would ever leave me was i wrong when i thought that she to have feelings for me. No i m sure she have feelings for me but than why she left me. Why would she not leave me i have never treated her good i have always taunted her of her status i have always tortured her. In his ASR mode -But she was wrong she did wrong she was trying to trap shyam she almost ruined my di's life that to when she is pregnant.

No i won't think about her anymore i m ASR no one can break me if she thinks that she would do that by leaving me she is not gonna be successful at this no i won't break i won't beg her to come back. NK had thought of all how he was going to trap and expose shyam all alone. And we can see a crying khushi on a bus stop. She was crying thinking all these when an elderly lady precisely a nun saw her crying sitting all alone on a bench late at night and came to her and asked her what happened while caressing her hairs with a motherly affection and wiped her tears.

Khushi hugged her and cried her heart out as she was in a vulnerable condition and she badly needed a support which she found in that nun the lady lend her shoulder to khushi to cry and then when her sobs subsided she asked her again who she was?

arshi ff leap

Khushi gaining a motherly affection and warmth from the lady told her everything and again. Lady-don't worry my child god always take care of his children and never let his children be alone in miseries see god has send me to you to help and support you to love you.

With these talks mother Martha took khushi with her to shimla. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Khushi looked lazily at the clock.

It was a quarter to seven. Saturday morning. She snuggled into her pillow savoring the luxury of lying in. It had been close to a year since she teamed up with Shukla ji. The first few months had been rough with Khushi having to oversee everything from buying grocery to planning and cooking for an entire office.

Over time Payal took over the logistics and planning and Khushi had stuck to cooking.

Leap of Faith

With revenue coming in steadily, she ventured enough to hire two other women from their colony to help her. Life had been good to them. She smiled at the thought of Lavanya. They were now friends. Very good friends. The girls had turned to each other for unlikely support and understanding. Lavanya from the mindlessness of the circle she moved in and Khushi for respite from the responsibilities she had taken on her young shoulders. The gotas were replaced with embroidered chikaan suits.

arshi ff leap

Her tightly combed back hair fell in wavy cascades behind her back. The waist length hair gave way to curls skimming her shoulder blades.

arshi ff leap

Lavanya in turn imbibed her tendency to seek solace in the cool innards of the temple. She learnt to embrace channe and jalebis with equal abandon. A smile still playing on her lips, Khushi turned to the sleeping form on her side. She felt a rush of affection for her sister. Her uncomplaining woman friday.

Someone who put up with her sanaks with nary a word. Jiji had changed too. She seemed to have shrugged off the stoicism of the past. Misgivings if any over her broken marriage seemed to have disappeared. In its place was a graceful, poised lady who turned heads where she went.

Even Buaji seemed to have mellowed.Post a Comment. Wednesday, 27 April chapter It was night time and khushi was lying on her bed thinking about arnav and her life in these 4 months in Delhi. She remembered several incidences and compared old arnav to the arnav she saw in these 4 months he was trying so hard to change yes she can't deny that he is changing something in her heart stirred that he was changing coz of her but the old memories always over powers this feeling.

Khushi met a good frnd of her from London. U know arnav that me and khushi met in the orphanage when mother Maria brought her she was a dead soul and that is literally true she used to work and roam around like a dead body for months she never reacted to anything she would do the work told she would help she would eat only when told to eat and would eat food which had no taste food without salt she won't say a word we took her to doctors got several treatments done but she won't react her gynac told it was bad for the baby we were desperate to get her to react we tried all things possible for months we did it but nothing worked but u know what worked arnav.

Ridhima looked him in the eye and said. She looked up and saw arnav's face was drenched in tears a guilty expression on his face an expression of a culprit. Ridhima squeezed arnav's hand. Ri-I know arnav that you are struggling that you r paying a lot for one misunderstanding but you have to understand khushi you have to take fears out of her heart and mind.

not cut out for love: chapter 15

Ar- I will do my best ridhi I would do all I could and should to get my old chirpy happy go lucky khushi back and I even promise to keep her happy and protected from everything and anything even myself.

Ridhima smiled at him and suggested him to leave before anyone else find out about his presence. Arnav turned towards ridhima smiled at her. Ar-thanks ridhima thanks to u armann and arjun for taking care and loving my khushi and amaira. Ri-thats not needed arnav they r our family too and before she could say anything she was engulfed in a bear strong embrace. Ar-thanks for being a little sister to me ridhi anjali di has always been more of a mother to me but I have found a little sister in you I know our relation is not that strong but I hope that it turns out to be strong.

He comes out of the hug and wiped the tears from ridhi's face. Ri-u should think before saying it I could be a very demanding and someties a very mean sister.

Arnav chuckled. Ar-I m ready to fulfil all demands of my little one and I know my little one can not be mean with me and even if u be I m sure I handle.

Ridhima smiled and hugged him again. Ri- thank you so much bhai u don't know what u have given to me I have been orphan for ears crying alone remembering my family being strong showing to the world that m unbreakable and handling alone what ever life has thrown at me till arman came into my life but still sometimes I felt that I still m incomplete somewhere I don't have a mayka[a girls parents house after getting married is called mayka ]. Ar-but now u have he hugged her again and gave a kiss on forehead and left.

Ridhima smiled she really felt complete today she felt she to have a mayka she have both her families with her as all girls have she have the love of her mayka and sasural both she turned towards khushi and amaira and prayed to god for their happiness and left the room to be in the loving secure arms of her husband before he realises that she was not on bed at this hour.

No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.It has no recurring effect however. Leap is a special command, available to only when Gau is on the Veldt.

Gau can learn new Rages on the Veldt. Once an enemy formation is encountered it does not have to be defeatedit will show up on the Veldt. Once Gau encounters a monster which the player wants to learn a Rage for, Leap must be used. Using the Leap command will cause Gau to leave the party and the battle will end. Gau holds the sixth slot in a monster formation. There are quite a few monster formations that uses this sixth slot, effectively preventing Gau from reappearing before the party.

When Gau leaps, he will obtain all the Rages he didn't know yet from that particular monster formation. But if the player killed one already, Gau will learn that Rage.

If Gau has been harmed by the party, Gau will run away from them and he will not learn the Rages of this monster formations that Gau reappeared in current battle. Gau will only reappear if there are three or less members in the party. He will not appear if the battle was a back attack, side attack, or pincer attack.

He will also escape if he has taken any damage from an attacking party member while he's standing before the party. Also of note, all monsters, regardless of being a boss or even the final boss himself are all leapable if they were to appear on the Veldt.

Unfortunately, they do not have any Rage abilities so Gau will return without learning their Rage since they do not have any to begin with. Leap is a Green Magick ability to the Green Mage class.

It increases the target's Move and Jump capabilities by 1. It has a range of 4 tiles. Sign In Don't have an account?

arshi ff leap

Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. This section about an ability in Final Fantasy Tactics S is empty or needs to be expanded.

You can help the Final Fantasy Wiki by expanding it. This section about an ability in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is empty or needs to be expanded. Add an image Final Fantasy VI. Green Magick.Arnav and Aman rethought about the circumstance and decided they will go back to NDA before end of their vacation to escape spending time with Lavanya.

Thought Aman and Arnav both found Lavanya is strong and independent girl. Aashi [ surprised and frowned] : Haan!!! I can smell …. Arnav : Well. We surrendered. But no question.

It has been 5 weeks…Arnav resumed his academy. He has been tried his best to find that maks girl …. Dhruv : Do hell with words. Not anymore. I know how to get things. If not straight way then just need to twist …. Where is Aman. He then recalled they both were expecting. Arnav [ anxiously] : Bhabhi. App loh thik to hai?? Are you both alright?? Caller : wait. Tum to gussa ho gaya. Kya military log her chiz ko itna seriously lete hai aur doubt karte hai??? Caller [smilingly] : not hell.

Khushi [ smiled] : You realized it right now???. Is not it so fast?? Ok… Bye. Arnav : hello. But how could I recognize you at least tell that. Arnav was flying over cloud Chickey -Mickey sisters. No more confusion. Khushi was panting in fear and excitement. And Her father has sent two guards for her security since when she returned back Dehradhun fighting with Garima… Khushi made sure no one ever got to know this ….

Aman : kya?? Arnav : Dhruv is also here?? How could Dhruv arrived here?? Aman : Ap, [pause] An. Anjali Dii has told me. Arnav was scanning around …. Aman : hi. Lavanya [ astonished] : what??

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