M1 carbine tactical stock

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m1 carbine tactical stock

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m1 carbine tactical stock

American Defens. Ameriglo Anschutz Apex Tactical S. Diamondback Diamondhead USA.The M1 Carbine has been with us for many decades now, serving our fighting forces well through several conflicts. Introduced by Winchester init beat out other contenders for the US military contract for a weapon to replace the service pistol among certain support personnel.

Loved by some and hated by others, the handy little carbine, while certainly not a main battle rifle, did the job that it was hired to do; that of being a handy defensive weapon for rear echelon troops. The little M1 also found favor with paratroopers, tank crews, and others who needed a lighter weapon than a full-sized battle rifle, or for use in close-quarters combat. Some have maligned the little cartridge which the M1 Carbine fires as being too weak for anything larger than a muskrat, but those who used the carbine seem to agree that it does the job, within its limitations.

In the US, the. Today, the. Vintage carbine prices are steadily rising, and shooters who want an M1 Carbine in excellent condition can now buy brand new, American made carbines built by Auto Ordnance Corporation of Massachusetts.

Auto Ordnance is already famous for their Thompson sub machineguns and carbines, as well as their pistols. Making the. They have been building the M1 Carbine for a couple of years now, and the one received here for this review differs from their other M1 Carbine styles.

The stock is made by Choate, and is a black synthetic folding design which makes for compact storage and transportation of the weapon, but the carbine can also be fired with the stock folded as well, for use in tight quarters such as a small room or a vehicle. The upper handguard is of ventilated steel. The barrel length on the AOM measures just under eighteen inches.

The front sight is a protected post, and the rear has two apertures for short and long ranges, and is adjustable for windage correction. The length of pull with the stock extended is fourteen inches. The trigger pull on the sample carbine measured five pounds, nine ounces. The safety is of the crossbolt type at the front of the trigger guard, and the carbine ships with one fifteen-round GI magazine.

The M1 Carbine is a useful little tool, much more than just from a nostalgic point of view. Recoil is almost nonexistent from the handy little carbines, and a shooter can lay down a lot of fire quickly and with plenty of precision to serve well as a home defense gun, as well as an around-the-farm predator rifle.

The military ball grain bullet at about feet-per-second is no screamer, but it can be effective against small game and such. A much better choice for social work or for harvesting small deer at close range is the Cor-Bon load that uses the Barnes grain X bullet.

These bullets are made to expand at low velocities, and from the Auto Ordnance Carbine, the velocity registered feet-per-second at twelve feet from the muzzle over my chronograph, and again, recoil is minimal.

The limitation is the combination of the sights and my old eyes. About two inches at fifty yards is all that I can do with such sights, and that is plenty good enough for social work and whitetail hunting. I had no scope mount available to me at the time, but I would love to mount a Trijicon Reflex dot sight on this little carbine. It would greatly enhance my ability to precisely place my shots. Functioning of the sample AOM was dependent upon the ammunition fed into it. I have a case of Eastern European ball ammo that has hard primers, and the M1 would not reliably fire these, giving about sixty percent misfires.

That is no fault of the gun, just an advisory to try out any cheap ammo before buying a large quantity. I use this ammo in my Ruger Blackhawk, and it lights off just fine in that revolver. Lake City US surplus ball ammo performed perfectly in the little carbine, and is a good choice if you can find it. The Cor-Bon grain DPX fired perfectly, but had a few feeding problems when the gun was brand new.

After about a dozen rounds through the gun, the Cor-Bon performed flawlessly as well, feeding, firing, and ejecting perfectly. The M1 Carbine is somewhat of a unique weapon. It is a fun little carbine that has almost no recoil, is pleasant to shoot, and can harvest small game and deer reliably if the shooter does his part, and knows its limitations.Remingtoncomplete working tri M1 Garand Gas Cylinder, Serviceable.

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Review: Inland M1 Carbine Reproduction - Part 1

Description: This item is not your usual Ram-Line synthetic stock. We have installed a recoil plate with its bolt and nut; and also a barrel band spring and these parts do not come standard from the manufacturer. The original Ram Line Mold was evidently made for the Universal Carbines back in the s, and the real things require fitting, which we have performed already.

The added parts are GI Surplus, but the stock itself is brand new. All this unit lacks is the barrel band assembly, and those always come with the rifles themselves. It is a royal pain, most of the time, to remove the plate nut and spring. Magazines and any small light non-gun items ride free with ammo orders. We accept checks with no more than 7 days hold.

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m1 carbine tactical stock

Always have, since Condition: New In Box. Location: TN. Share Item. Item : Stock No. Robertson Trading Post. Seller Since: Jul.

m1 carbine tactical stock

Identity Verified Henderson, TN. Trusted Seller. This seller is an FFL. City: Henderson.Anticipated shortages led to the use of yellow birch. Black cherry was approved and saw very limited use. Lighter colored wood such as birch was often stained darker before being finished. Forgeries are a serious concern for collectors.

M1 Carbine

As the war progressed, shortages in Walnut led to the approval of Black Cherry as an alternative to Walnut or Birch. Standard Products used a limited number of these stocks but discontinued their use as they considered them a poor substitute. Although additional woods were approved it does not appear any were manufactured using other than Walnut or Birch. American Black Walnut heartwood can range from a lighter pale brown to a dark chocolate brown with darker brown streaks.

Color can sometimes have a grey, purple, or reddish cast. Sapwood is pale yellow-gray to nearly white. Yellow Birch heartwood tends to be a light reddish brown, with nearly white sapwood. There is virtually no color distinction between annual growth rings, giving Birch a somewhat dull, uniform appearance.

Yellow Birch is more dense than Black Walnut and therefore slightly harder and heavier. Walnut stocks were placed in raw linseed oil for a period of time, then allowed to dry. Birch stocks were treated with a dark stain, then placed in raw linseed oil for a period of time and allowed to dry. The one and only finish approved for use on the wood of the Caliber. The thin high wood area was eliminated as it was perceived as a weak point.

Earlier stocks sometimes had their High Wood area removed. During the course of production of the Type III stock for the M1 Carbine several manufacturers began making changes to strengthen the Type III stock that were carried over into use in all of the M2 stocks. Added Support below the Recoil Plate During the production of their type III stocks in Winchester changed the machining of the wood below the recoil plate to provide better support.

This change was not implemented in conjunction with the longer barrel channel and appears to have come later. Winchester continued this practice with their type IV M2 stocks and it became the standard for all type V M2 pot belly stocks by all manufacturers. All type I and type II stocks. Majority of type III stocks. Introduced by Winchester on their type III stocks in With a new world war igniting Europe inU. Army senior commanders witnessed a tactic not seen in the previous conflict of Germany had developed the concept of blitzkrieg—the use of parachute and mechanized units supported by aviation to strike, achieve quick penetration into rear areas and destroy communications, supplies and reinforcements before the enemy could react.

For the first time in modern warfare, there were no clearly defined front lines. Auto-Ordnance uses original flip-type rear sight. Consequently, the U.

Army realized that rear echelon troops, officers and NCOs would need a weapon that offered more fighting capability than the M pistol with which many were armed, yet was handier than the M1 Garand main battle rifle. These troops would need to carry on their assigned duties of communications, supply, command, etc, yet required a fighting capability through a weapon designed to bridge the gap between pistol and rifle. The Ordnance Corps was directed to contact gun manufacturers and request that they submit test sample weapons with the following characteristics:.

Effective range up to yards, semiautomatic fire essential, full automatic fire desirable. Winchester redesigned their.

Various inventors and manufacturers submitted prototypes for Ordnance evaluation, and from these trials the concept of the light rifle was further refined. Winchester, which had done the cartridge design but was heavily involved in M1 Garand manufacturing, had a design that had been developed for the Marine Corps but was not submitted in the original light rifle tests.

At the urging of the Ordnance Corps, Winchester submitted a model weapon utilizing a short tappet principle that had been designed in part by David Williams in conjunction with Winchester engineers. The initial non-firing sample closely matched the published requirements for the light rifle.

Various modifications of the Winchester design took place throughout and, in Septemberthe Winchester entry was accepted. On 22 Octoberthe Winchester light rifle officially became Carbine, Caliber.

In Novembera contract forcarbines was placed with Winchester, with a total estimated requirement of nearlycarbines for all branches of the service. December 7th quickly changed those requirements. Kelly with Auto-Ordnance carbine with Aimpoint T-1 on multiple target drills.Eligible for. This stock replicates the factory stock but is construction out of highly durable and weatherproof polymer and features a 5-position collapsible buttstock.

The glass filled fiberglass will not warp or crack and is impervious to moisture. All Choate stocks carry a lifetime warranty. This stock fits the M1 Carbine. Will only fit Military version of the M1,will not fit the universal model M1. We use Cookies to give you the best possible experience. You can learn more about the Cookies we use and why we use them by viewing our Privacy Policy. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies. Add to Cart for Special Price.

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M1 Carbine Stock

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