Most expensive wow account

The account being so expensive was due to what it contained: A Night Elf rogue wielding the legendary swords that drop of Illidan Stormrage in The Black Temple - Which only one other in the entire world possess.

But it doesn't end there, the character also had 4 of the 5 tier 6 pieces of armor and various drops from The Black Temple making him one of the best geared rogues out there. For those of you interested in looking him up, the characters name is: Shaks, and she's on the European Realm Kazzak.

Top 10 Most Expensive Virtual Items Sold

Rumor has it that Blizzard has banned the acount. Labels: video games. It makes me want to play WoW again. In the buyer's defense, Illidan Stormrage is kind of the boss of the expansion, and the items he drops are teh omg wowz.

Oh Sweet Jesus look at those drops! I really want to play again. And I really want to find a non-shitty raiding group. The swords are each named "Warglaive of Azzinoth" and have a set bonus of awesome. I can only see cached pages cause I'm at work. So if you're curious just google them. It's worth doing a google image search to see what they look like. They're quite awesome. Here they are on a model which is the only picture I can access from work.

Damn it. Just in time for the more to play it after comps. The link works for me. Maybe you aren't high enough level to view it. Hellgate London is a giant ball of confusing.

There are, as I understand it, 3 payment options free, pay, super-pay and all of the screenshots I've seen look like Morrowwind with guns. I like the idea that WoW is a world and context in which the user chooses to participate.

Whereas reality is a game one is forced to play. Post a Comment. Everyone Is a Sith. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Of Fishes and Seas. The Gimick Unleashed. Taser him, bro.

most expensive wow account

Typhoons are not sentient. Really, Scott E. Individual Mandate Who Really Cares?In an MMO like World of Warcraftwhich is basically about collecting items and gear, the rarest, still obtainable ones are in legendary status. Some were removed due to gameplay changes, and some were available only for a limited period of time. This list is not about those items so no Blizzcon or Asia-only pets this timebut about very rare items that are still in the game and players can still obtain in one way or another:.

Why is it hard to get one? It drops from the Heart Shaped Box, but only once per day and only during the event. And the drop rate? But Cataclysm changed the zone, and Scale Belly is now a low-level monster with a different loot table, meaning that the Chromatic Sword no longer drops.

Why is it rare then? So people either forgot about it, destroyed it years ago, or if they were lucky they still have it in their bank. Now it goes for hundreds of thousands of gold on the AH.

Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent: An awesome looking mount that was bugged for months and never dropped for anyone. Poseidus: A few things make this mount much harder to grab than other rare spawns. Besides that, it only spawns once or twice a week and the two spawning locations are pretty far from each other.

Good news though, it can be sold on the Auction House, usually forgold. The recipe was only available from the release of the game to patch 1. No surprise. Only a small amount of players battle against each other with their vanity pets, and winning of them sounds torturing enough.

It flies around the Storm Peaks, a huge zone with huge snowy mountains, and a lot of other Proto Drakes. Some people even think that it changes realms during its flight, just to make things more cruel.

Finding a needle in a haystack is probably easier. However it was never as easy to get them as it is today, since besides the Auction House, they constantly appear on the Black Market Auction House. And even if you have the money, you still need to bid in time to win. The problem is, this boss was part of a quest chain for the warlock mount that was removed years ago.

So the only warlocks who can summon the boss are those who did the quest-chain back then. And even after finding someone who can do it, the drop rate for the gun is still quite low. Top pic: Kemaria with a Chromatic Sword via Wowhead. To contact the author of this post, write to: gergovas kotaku. The A. Shop Subscribe. Read on. Subscribe To Our Newsletter. Your guide to gaming delivered to your inbox daily.

Gergo Vas.My Account. Remember Me? Need an account? Register Now. Recent Blue Posts 8 hours ago. Recent Forum Posts AM. Thread: Whats the top 10 most expensive items in WoW. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. Whats the top 10 most expensive items in WoW Hi all I am wondering what the top 10 most expensive items are. Reply With Quote. Re: Whats the top 10 most expensive items in WoW skill. Re: Whats the top 10 most expensive items in WoW Cant buy skills mate.

Re: Whats the top 10 most expensive items in WoW. Originally Posted by Annaconda. Re: Whats the top 10 most expensive items in WoW I am assuming you are referring to dropped items found in the world, not player crafted items or BoE epics from ICC as that would obviously pretty much be the list.

I would say the top 10 most expensive items on my server right now are not necessarily in this order : 1. Any Argent Tournament pet 7. Any Dragon Whelping 8. Re: Whats the top 10 most expensive items in WoW 1 is that lightsabre wep from vanilla its epic and they are soooo rare ive seen them sell for upwards of 30k. A day without sunshine is like, you know, night. Re: Whats the top 10 most expensive items in WoW a good blood elf death knight a good shadow priest a good moonkin a good feral druid a good hunter a good holy paladin a guild leader that doesn't nerd rage a guild that doesn't have drama spectral tiger shadowmourne.

Re: Whats the top 10 most expensive items in WoW I've been "payed" by a friend 10k gold to level his alt, because I am very good at it, and because he was very busy in his RL.Thanks for connecting! You're almost done.

10,000+ Gold Weapon EQUIPPED ON A MAGE and MORE - Classic Wow - Most Expensive Item in WoW

Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. Video games are far better than reality. More things explode, the creators fix their universe when random bullshit is ruining things for good people, and emptying a machine gun into homophobic racists gets you a thousand points instead of 30 years.

Columbia Pictures Games are far less damaging to society. For millennia, alchemists tried to turn stupid lead into gold. Game developers have fixed that formula by ditching the dead weight of the eighth word. Demanding a continual supply of coins for pretend lives is fine for Mario, but it works less well with credit cards.

Now even Duke Nukem Forever offers downloadable content, and that's the most perfect fusion of commerce, tragedy and desperate optimism since scientists went to work on pheromone sprays that would make them attractive to women. Getty "Instead of the cure for cancer, I decided to work on aerosol date rape. No, my mother doesn't admit I exist. EVE Online is a psychological experiment to see if people will pay to work a second job when their cubicle is a spaceship.

They will. The Incarna update tested just how much shit those players would put up with, and the answers were "not that much" and thermonuclear explosions. The update allowed people to get out of their fantastic spaceships to walk around in the flesh and change their clothes, the exact opposite of what EVE had been offering for the previous eight years. The new vanity items did nothing and cost so much that developer CCP had to introduce a whole new currency to deal with them.

The resulting "Aurum" was a less sensible investment than Dutch tulips. The most ludicrous was a 60 real dollar monocle. EVE Not blinking is a major part of monocle maintenance.

The players counter-suggested by converting fusion warheads into fuck yous. EVE I would like to return these clothes. I include my receipt and several weapons of mass destruction. The real joy of EVE has always been the incredible player responses, and thousands of human players suddenly went full Cylon on their own population centers.Last Database Update : 20 Dec Right hand.

most expensive wow account

Left hand. All rights reserved Page generated in 0. Ads by Curse. Classes, Specs. Achievement Stats. Pts Ranking. Pets Stats. Quests Stats. Mounts Stats. Level Distribution. Hidden Helm. Cursed Vision of Sargeras. Fel-Proof Goggles. Sin'dorei Helm. Bronze-Tinted Sunglasses. Thelwater's Steelwoven Eyepatch. Rifle Commander's Eyepatch. Hidden Shoulder. Sin'dorei Pauldrons. Shoulderplates of the Chosen Dead. Pauldrons of the Chosen Dead.

most expensive wow account

Zandalari Pauldrons. Ren'dorei Pauldrons. Shal'dorei Mantle. Shadow Council's Mantle. Hidden Chestpiece. Raiment of the Blighted Tribe. Sin'dorei Raiment. Chestplate of the Chosen Dead.

Sin'dorei Tunic. Ren'dorei Mantle. Zandalari Torque.MMO games are big business nowadays, and people spend millions of dollars every year playing them. The range of virtual worlds you can engage in has grown rapidly.

Meet the guy who made $475,000 selling World of Warcraft accounts

There is a real choice for people about what kind of character they want to be, what kind of environment they want to play in and what kind of action they are looking for.

Titles like Second Life allow people to chat, perform, construct buildings and games, and charge others for entertainment. While selling objects for real world money is frowned upon in games like WoW, it is positively encouraged in MMOs like Entropia where the game economy has a real world value. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the most expensive items ever sold in an MMO.

That figure is likely to be much higher in reality because much of the trade is carried out on the black market to circumvent game rules which generally prohibit such sales. The resort includes a nightclub, a sports stadium, a shopping mall, bio domes, a space dock and over apartment buildings. The Entropia world has an economy which values 10 in-game dollars as 1 real U. It is harder to track sales in games like World of Warcraft because the practice is against the game rules, and eBay has banned the sale of in-game characters and items.

Sadly, the guy who bought the account was banned shortly afterwards, and it seems highly unlikely that he was able to get his money back. Furious at the sale, Qiu Chengwei then murdered the seller and ended up with a life sentence in prison. Luckily, incidents where MMOs lead to violence are relatively rare, but as values rise and the black market grows this may become more of a problem.

Big Money MMO Transactions

Websites like ige. The real big money transactions go on off the books. In Eve Online, some of the larger spaceships are assigned serious value. Something like a Rifter is worth significantly less. While the selling of in-game money for real world currency is forbidden in the terms, in practice you can still do it. Second Life features Linden Dollars which can be exchanged for the real thing, and the value is constantly fluctuating. People buy avatars, vehicles, furniture, and even homes and land.

It is possible that there are big money transactions going on that we know nothing about. If you were to purchase an item or account in a game with rules which expressly forbid the practice, then you would be stupid to advertise the fact that you have done so. It seems that virtual real estate is the most expensive thing being traded in virtual worlds and that makes perfect sense since the owners can earn from their purchase.

As these economies continue to grow, it seems inevitable that regulation and policing will become a necessity and there are already fears about the potential for using virtual worlds to launder money.

most expensive wow account

Skip to content. Entropia Universe Club Neverdie. Quick Links Top Menu. Privacy Policy.South Korean and Chinese companies on the other hand, seem to be able to develop these games on much tighter budgets, but even so, some of the most expensive games ever developed are MMORPGs.

The reason MMOs cost so much to develop is that they're complex pieces of software - much more complex than traditional offline or even multiplayer games. Designing and programming a game that supports tens of thousands of players online at once, isn't easy. World of Warcraft for example has over 5. Even after the game is finished, the bills keep rolling in; MMOs need to be constantly updated, patched, and moderated.

There's clearly been a lot of inflation in video game development, especially MMO development. Note: This list looks strictly at "Development costs", not "Total costs", which typically include marketing budgets. Star Citizen is the only crowd funding MMORPG to make this list and is one of the largest, if not largest, crowd funding campaigns ever. Despite raising significantly more money than originally expected, the game is behind schedule and already missed its first release date. In fact, it's missed quite a few 'release dates', and currently has no definitive release date.

The game's original Kickstarter took place in October, and still has no concrete release date. Because Bioware spared no expense. The game has an extremely well developed storyline, more so than all previous Bioware games combined, according to the studio itself. Bioware employed 12 full time writers for over 2 years to produce the game's dialogue. The game also has overlines of voice recorded dialogue, making it the most voiced over "project" ever. The game originally launched as a traditional pay to play subscription game, but later went free to play.

Originally launched as a pay to play subscription based game on April 4,The Elder Scrolls Online dropped its subscription on March 17, to become a buy once play free game similar to Guild Wars. See source. Despite a disastrous launch so bad that the game had to literally shut down and be re-developed, Final Fantasy XIV has rebounded from its lows and is actually doing quite well now.

Producer Naoki Yoshido revealed in July, that the game had a total of 5 million paid subscribers since its initial launch, which translates into roughly Firefall was one of the most hyped MMO releases ever since it was first announced.

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