Tv tropes whump

Rules: The deck consists of 42 cards.

tv tropes whump

The first person to reach eleven cards wins. Player A and Player B take turns drawing a single card from the deck, whatever is written on the card they must complete on Player C. Forfeits are not permitted and result in immediate disqualification. If a player fails to complete their card to satisfaction they do not get that card towards their overall score.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

This is an optional avenue to play with. The victor will have full and complete ownership of Player C, to do with as they please. Alternatively, Player D may set other parameters for the winner. If the card has a star symbol you must role a dice or otherwise randomly generate a number. That number indicates how many times or how how long, in minutes, that action is to be done. If the card has a square box with a question inside of it that card is up to the discretion of the player, get creative, have fun!

Just make sure the action is completed. None should prove too lethal to your players, but just in case, we recommend you keep extensive medical supplies nearby and proceed with caution. Happy playing! This is the idea that rocketed me into making a whump blog. Feel free to use this on any and all of your whumpees and caretakers!

I want to follow as many of you as possible, so please reblog and leave a comment on this post so I and many other whumpers can find you! Even if you already follow me or I already follow you, please share this around! Arielle the one-lonely-whumperfly. The whumper drawing the whumpee into their arms after a torture sesh, pushing the sweaty hair away from their face and letting them cry into their shoulder. Like, who says that the whumpee has to be taken care of afterwards?

Who says they have to survive? The caretaker or team on a rescue mission finding whumpee beaten, bloodied, half dead and psychologically broken. Their breath hitches, or a few tears fall, before they compose themselves to help the whumpee.

whump community

They have the first-aid kit ready in seconds. Crying, shouting, swearing, the works. Especially good for magical characters who lose control of their powers when they get really emotional. So, if you were to search:. I absolutely love found family trope tho, so if I were to post some original content, you can expect it to be whump with whumpee and caretaker s having very strong platonic relationship. I read a lot of whump fanfics though. JavaScript is required to view this site.Taglist: smileevenwhenyoudontfeellikeit.

They actively oppose all that is good and just and right. We smile, when they get what they deserve. We cheer, seeing their plans fail, seeing their allies desert them, seeing their pedestals crumble into dust. We laugh in vicious satisfaction.

Injury Tropes

We love to see terrible people get their just desserts. Every insult, every punch, every knife in the back. We love to see them get what they deserve. You did this right, very right, and my trashy heart is soaring because memes. Of MY stuff! Alex bolts out of bed, scrambling for her ringing mobile and fumbling with sleep drunk fingers. She almost misses the call but then—.

She grips harder on the plastic and focuses on breathing through the white hot rage that twines through her ribs. The urge to smash her phone to the ground is all encompassing.

Another thought occurs to her. She could be asleep right now. She should be. There are more important matters to worry about than this selfish asshole, she reminds herself. Like sleep. Sighing, she turns her cellphone to silent and settles back into bed. No sooner does her head hit the pillow than her mobile starts buzzing again.

Burying her head in the comfort of memory foam pillow, she tries to ignore the vibrating. No dice. She shrieks in frustration and tosses her pillow across the room before snatching up her phone. He makes a noise that sounds like understanding before lapsing into silence. It only fuels her fury. Incredulous, she laughs. Oh, did he gather that?

Wow, he is such a quick study. On the other end, he just grunts softly in acceptance of that. Then, he derails that conversation with another non-sequitur. Far away. The man panics, repeating her name with a fragile urgency.Using magic or sedatives to put a suffering whumpee out, especially if the whumpee begs to be knocked out. Someone help me! Oh, God, no. No more, please! They have to hold the hero down or sedate them or something. It would probably be the source of oh-so-many reaction gifs, though.

The moments when you can do nothing but suffer. It was, what, two days ago? Specially when your voice cracks. JavaScript is required to view this site.

Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Show more notes. I made a meme. I need you! I-I love you. You still owe me ten dollars! Characters who are touch-starved and in need of comforting hugs. Whumpees appreciating being cuddled or patted on the head. Wet clothes clinging to shivering, vulnerable bodies.When a character gets injured in a remote area and someone is desperately trying to keep them awake until help arrives.

Stay hydrated, keep bodily contact to a minimum, stay socially connected with friends and family. Give me slamming into things on the way down.

Give me frantic, scrambling catches by the unprepared. Give me the soft sound of a thud and heads turning back in unison. Give me the sight of legs that no longer work, of eyes that flutter shut, of a body dropping to the floor. Time slows down, they can hear their heartbeat in their ears. Posts Ask me anything! Submit a post! Whump trope When a character gets injured in a remote area and someone is desperately trying to keep them awake until help arrives.

Hey everyone, with all the crap going on in the world now, this is just a friendly reminder to stay safe. Aesthetic: Sudden Collapse. Give me sudden collapses. Give me stumbling and wavering and vision going blurry before going black. Give me running and stopping and crumpling like a ragdoll. Give me standing up mid-argument and words trailing off and eyes rolling back. Give me curses, give me worry, give me eyes that close and do not open. I think I just need to… need to lay down for a bit.

Anonymously tell me what character I have the same energy as. So fucking close. See this in the app Show more.His skin is pale and covered in a thin sheen of sweat, his eyes hazy and sunken.

The dulling pain becomes a fiery agony, and breathing suddenly seems an insurmountable task. His thoughts are clouded, his vision blurry. He wraps his arm around his chest in a weak attempt to protect himself, and blindly reaches out with the other hand. Eventually, he ends up on all fours, a mixture of blood and spit oozing from his lips. His fractured ribs throbbing anew. A character always heals too fucking fast, no matter what. Just spent the better part of my afternoon yelling at the characters in Ray Donovan.

Seriously, 13 Reasons Why is an amazing show that deals with serious shit in such an unapologetic and real way and I love that. Grand whump is wonderful, of course, but what takes my breath are those subtle moments that show the whumped character is really not ok:. At some point in my life, I started watching shows simply because they hold the promise of whump thank you Tumblr. Do I have a problem? I get to converse with fucking beautiful people online, and then I get to watch beautiful people on TV get the shit beat out of them and still enjoy the storyline so much that it consumes my life.

Posts Ask me anything : Submit a post Archive. Whump Trope: Broken ribs. But he has to continue. He has no choice but to try to push the pain to the back of his mind. Little moments of whump. Anonymous asked: where do you get all your whump memes from?

Literally one of my favorite things is just people in historical costume doing modern things. See this in the app Show more.I get that life happens especially right now. I get that unexpected things come up. Aaandd apparently I need to revive this. I am tired, stressed and beyond frustrated at the sheer number of people who think this is support.

I get things coming up. I get finances changing. So please. One of their team mates offers to split their dessert with the whumpee, they know how its one of their favorites :. If anyone would like to participate, I'm doing a research assignment on the stigma surrounding the whump community. I'm looking at the general impacts of the stigma felt by people with an interest in whump, and aiming to raise awareness of this and consider where things could be better in order to lessen these impacts.

Seriously just a bit of pollen could make your cat sick within a matter of minutes. Stay far away from Easter lilies if you have kitties! Of all the plants people claim to be toxic to cats, this is THE plant to watch out for. Organ failure. Specifically, plants in the genus Lilium Easter, Oriental, Tiger, Stargazer, etc etc are the bad ones.

Amaryllis and Daffodils are other lily relatives that can be toxic, though not to the same level. Lily of the Valley Convallaria majalis is not actually a lily but is very toxic to humans as well as animals, though for different reasons than Liliums, causing cardiac issues.

Peace Lilies Spathiphyllum are also unrelated and closer in the level of toxicity as a pothos, containing mildly irritating crystals but not deadly. Ingestion can cause organ failure. And as time ticks by Lance continues to fade and no matter how much Shiro holds on he can feel him slipping away. To m-me. Read it here.

It's also a palindrome in number of days since the beginning of the year AND to the end of the year!! Your eyes could be blue-ish? Oh, you seem like a person who has freckles. How did I do, thefevertrope? Brown eyes, and I do wear glasses, and no freckles, but a beauty mark!See also: Trapped Beneath Rubble. In a locked room. In a pit. In the bones of a collapsed building. In a magical ritual circle. By chains, by locks, by magic, by structure.

Trapped with a monster. Man or beast or any other creature. Trapped with something feral, something out of control, something that understands only trapped and danger and fight.

tv tropes whump

Pressing into the farthest corner they can find. Curling up tightly in a ball. Holding their breath, all too aware of how loudly their heart pounds. Claws, scrapping against stone. A rasp, building to a growl. Eyes, shining in the darkness. An alien rage on its face. A growl changing to a roar. There is no recognition on its face. The ground shakes as it charges.

Its fangs gleam in the faint light, or the knives between its fingers, or the gun in its hand. Whumpers simply beating Whumpees is out of fashion, Whumpers ruining things for Whumpees is in!. Did the Caretaker use a specific term of endearment? Did they have a favorite food? Was there a song that the Caretaker sang to them before bed at night? Was there a song that they liked to hear on the radio? But YES. Can I talk about one of my absolute favorite whumpy things?

tv tropes whump

Max and Carlo are two incredibly sweet people who care for each other very much and are very much a found family, but how they reach that is through the absolute darkest thread of connection. I just. Super love Whumpers taking small things and wrecking them so deeply, ruining them for the whumpee. They must fix this. A character is often teased for the fact that they use up ALL the available space wherever they sleep, hands and legs splayed in all directions. Too overwrought to relax into their usual sleeping positions.

Ah, feels better already! When the character is diagnosing themselves, barely conscious while their teammates scramble to patch them up?

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